We Have Eggs!

In mid March we received a flock of little biddies,  four different breeds, 22 chicks. We have been feeding them organic grains and vegetation, as well as letting them free range daily. Well, it’s finally payed off! Five days ago (21st Sept) we were the proud farmers of a beautiful brown egg. We decided to wait until we had a meal before we ate it. Today we collected our forth. That’s right, meal time! Notice the bright orange yoke. Nutritional, healthy gifts from happy, stress-free hens. Praise God!


Farmer Deb Farmer Tam First Four Eggs
Farmer Deb                                  Farmer Tam                           First Four Gifts
A fine breakfast FarmEgg Breakfast The Fried Four
A Fine Breakfast                     Farm Fresh Breakfast                The Fried Four

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  1. JPOctober 3, 2009 at 5:38 am #

    Making me hungry…

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